Peter Allen 'Plectrum Pete'


Location: New South Wales
Contact: 02 9979 4271

Instruments: Banjo, guitar


Peter Allen (Plectrum Pete) Banjo/guitar Born in Geelong, Victoria. Started playing in bands at 18 years old with Melbourne jazz groups including: Frank Johnson's Fabulous Dixielanders and Owen Yateman's Jazz Band. Following Peter's move to Sydney he played with bands of Tom Baker and Graeme Bell All Stars. "Plectrum Pete" is the (slightly) more extroverted banjo playing alter ego of mild mannered Peter Allen, one time Qantas steward. Peter's over-seas trips provided access to some of the world's leading jazz bands and he has performed with (amongst others) the Dutch Swing College Band, the bands at The Red Garter in New York and San Francisco and at Nottsberry Farm in California. Peter plays a Vegavox Deluxe instrument circa 1929.



The following samples of music by Peter Allen are available for online listening.

"I Got Rhythm"