Refer to Jack Mitchell’s Australian Jazz On Record CD-Rom for full discography details of all recordings by the following bands and vocalists. Note that bands and artists are not listed alphabetical but are arranged roughly chronologically.

The 30s and 40s:

Graeme Bell’s Jazz Gang/and His Dixieland Jazz Band/Australian Jazz Band, Malcolm Bills’ Jazz Band, Tony Newstead’s South Side Gang, Tom Pickering’s Good Time Music, Southern Jazz Group, Sid Bromley’s Cane Cutters, Frank Johnson’s Fabulous Dixielanders, Len Barnard’s His South City Stompers/Jazz Band, Port Jackson Jazz Band, Riverside Jazz Band, Illawarra Jazz Band, Errol Buddle and His Sextet, Don Burrows Quartet, Jack Brockensha Quartet, Bruce Clarke Quartet/Quintette, Splinter Reeves’ Splintette, Welch, Edwin Duff.

The 50s and 60s:

Paramount Jazz Band, Frank Traynor’s Jazz Preachers, , Black Opal Jazz Band, Graeme Bell All Stars, Roger Bell’s Pagan Pipers, Ray Price Quartet, Red Onions Jazz Band, Ballarat Jazz Messengers, Black Eagle Jazz Band/St Vincent Jazz Band, Melbourne New Orleans Jazz Band, Yarra Yarra Jazz Band, Sny Chamber’s Bayside Jazz Band, Cootamundra Jazz Band, Geoff Bull’s Olympia Jazz Band, Fortified Few, John Hawes Jazz Band, Varsity Five.

Kate Dunbar, Judith Durham, Jeanie Lewis, Margret RoadKnight, Kay Younger.

The 70s:

Bob Barnard’s Jazz Band, Tom Baker’s San Francisco Jazz Band, Steve Waddell’s Creole Bells, Abbey Jazz Band, Limehouse, Maple Leaf, Nick Boston’s Colonial Jazz Band, Bill Haesler’s Washboard Band, Campus Six, Datsun Dixielanders, Paul Furniss and The Eclipse Alley Five, Galapagos Duck, Golden City Seven, Harbour City Jazz Band, The Band Of Dr Jazz, New Harlem Jazz Band, Vintage Jazz Band.

Kerry Biddell, Sue Cruickshanks, Susan-Gai Dowling, Vince Jones, Paula Langlands, Joe Lane, Ricky May, Carol Ralph, Bobby Scott, Nancy Stuart, Beverley Sheehan, Pat Thompson, Marie Wilson, Lee Gunness.

Compiled by Bill Haesler OAM.